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Our 3-Steps to Standardization

“A psychological assessment is an instrument built to measure specific variable, based on which inferences are made related to an individual’s capabilities, behaviour, emotional functioning, etc.”


Content Standardization Test items Developed & Qualified by onboard Psychologists, subject Experts and field Trails.


Administration Standardization Assessment specific guidelines, time limits, procedures, and test conditions to ensure reliable inputs.


Interpretation Standardization Verified Reliability & Validity, as our assessments meet highest standardization norms with Cronbach Alfa of >0.78.

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Employability Index

Match right person to position and vice-versa through identifying the right combination of abilities, behaviour, skills and traits, that may be specific to your needs, to have predictive analysis on the suitability. No more guess work or hiring clones.

  •   Cognitive Abilities
  •   Job Specific
  •   Behavioural traits
  •   Emotional Quotient
  •   Essential Skills