Succeed to Glory or

Fail to Learn

Validate your idea

Seek Mentorship

Pitch your success

Be the inspiration

Bite a little more than you can chew. Be ambitious and Be yourself. Realize your priceless passion by teaming up or being maverick.

The Drive

Have a great idea and storm-chasing attitude, Hop-on. This program is for you, the one who believes that the learning happens outside the walls and when you ‘do’. Inviting creative thinking and innovative mindsets to team up with friends or go maverick in transform idea into prototype, under guidance of our mentors and experts to prepare you for funding or accelerator programs. Don’t have an idea to work on, yet? Don’t worry, just talk to us.

Fear of failure obscures the chances of success. Do not look at the result but enjoy the learning experience. The program is well drafted to suit all kinds of students at varying levels. Opportunity to network, grow and who knows you may turn tables around. Be it team building, finance, marketing plan or legal we would teach you the startup skills Personalizing services through mentors and experts to be stakeholders in your success.

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Our Methodology

A 45 days, 6 weekend contact, online and e-learning program that leads you through idea validation, mentoring, essential business skills, prototyping and pitching to win SEED capital.

Who Should Apply

  • Undergraduates (Tech)
  • M.B.A Students
  • Undergraduates (Non-Tech)
  • Social Enterpreneurs
  • Women Enterpreneurs




Suresh Kadari

 Mentor, Trainer and Educator with 17yrs exp. In Oil & Gas market.


Hemanth Maley
M.D, Dharthi Sustainables

 Industrialist & Application physicist engaging at various board levels.


Suresh Susurla
C.T.O, Startoonlabs

 Innovator, & Patent holder enabling embedded systems in healthcare.


Koshal Yerramsteey
M.D, PurinFoods & Fornix solutions

 Management expert & invention driven person changing the food industry.


Meraj Faheem
C.E.O, The Hacking School

 Techie, Mentor and member of innovation cell working at policy level.


Madhujit Singh
Mentor, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

 A social entrepreneur & activist actively working on women empowerment.


Raghu Vamshi P
C.E.O, Blueprints

 Marketing & Digital media expert transforming businesses with solutions.


Naveen Pallayil
Director, MAQ Software

 Leader, Techie & Philanthropist enabling education and technology.